Hi, I'm Sonja. I'm an art director and illustrator from Lisboa, Portugal. I'm experienced in branding and all things graphic.
This website is a highlight of some of my work and a project in progress. (Hit me up +) 

For the past 4 years I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and art director engaging mainly with visual identity projects and creating strong graphics, from a curatorial approach, for a wide range of clients. 


Visual Identity/Art Direction

Inspired by the New York ballroom scene of the late 80's and early 90's and taking on his album name - Hypersex, House of Hypersex (HOXXX) is Moullinex's new show and concept.
Design of the HOXXX logo and show visuals.

These drawings and photos are pure VOGUING aesthetics full of movement and celebrating individuality. An homage to a vibrant time.
The show was presented last October at Capitólio in Lisbon.

(Photos by Nash Does Work)


Illustration/Graphic Design
Posters for venues, collectives and record labels.
Featuring, amongst, Lux Frágil and Damas in Lisbon,
Pérola Negra, Passos Manuel and Café au Lait in Porto,
Paloma Bar in Berlin, Het Magazijn in The Hague and Rye Wax in London.
Artists: - Tim Sweeney, Paramida, Robert Hood, DJ Haram, 
Anastasia Kristensen, Toulouse Low Trax, Moor Mother....


Visual Identity/Illustration
DAMAS is a former industrial bakery turned into a concert hall/restaurant in Graça, Lisbon by DC.AD Architecture and Design Studio. The works were done by the owners and their families resulting in a personal and fulfilling process with very creative results. A group of friends were gathered to develop different parts of the project, such as the hand painted giraffes mural by Luís Lazáro Matos and the graphic design by me.
The logo was hand drawn and converted into a neon thus adding layers to the existing features of the place and enhancing the bohemian mood and location.

(Photos by DC.AD Architecture and Design).


Visual Identity/Art Direction
ÚTERO is a performing arts group based in Lisbon founded and led by director and actor Miguel Moreira.
-"There isn't an absolute identity but there is certainly a vital match of many identities."- says Miguel. Using his definition of the project I designed a VI for ÚTERO, a editorial object/book and a creature/illustration for their homepage.
(ÚTERO means womb in portuguese.)

All photos  - ÚTERO and Miguel Moreira

Visual Identity/Graphic Design

VI and posters for IndieLisboa - International Film Festival.
Since its foundation in 2002, IndieLisboa has created original cinema programming and dissemination projects, which include films by renowned authors and surprising works by new filmmakers. The festival’s mood and image for 2017 is an approach rooted in construtivism that reads the city of Lisbon with her tiles facades especially the iconic panels from artist Maria Keil. The graphic composition is also a reference to the New York City avantgarde ciné-club Cinema 16 and to cinema as a subversive art as presented in Amos Vogel 1974 book.


Art Direction/Event Design
NESPRESSO | Gourmet Weeks 2017 - Portuguese Edition
Nespresso and 8 renowned Portuguese chefs celebrate and share their passion for exceptional experiences.What if coffee were used as an ingredient?
That is the drive behind Nespresso Gourmet Weeks.
Key visuals design and collateral materials for the
event following Nespresso guidelines.

All images - Nespresso
Agency - Lola Normajean - Lisbon

A collection of commissioned digital illustrations and drawings made as covers for records, tapes and flyers for Moullinex, LABAREDA label, REIF,
On Board Music, Jacktone Records and Village Underground Lisboa.

The Therapist is a wellness space, an organic flexitarian restaurant and a school with courses and workshops on healthy eating, reading and lifestyle.
The logo and circles represent the inherent mechanisms and exchanges involved in healing and learning methods and the care of a space focused on our balance, core and vitality.
The playful colors and mood are the evidence of how nourishing
The Therapist is. (Project in progress).

Agency - Lola Normajean - Lisbon